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One time $120 for hardware per vehicle
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Frequently asked questions

Yes. We offer 30-day trial for office software and mobile app without any credit card. We also offer hardwired GPS tracking trial but with credit card.
Absolutely. It only takes about five minutes to get up and running.
Yes, you can switch to a different plan and the change will take effect in the following billing period.
In order to keep the pricing simple, we charge the same amount for the office employee and field worker that require the jobs to be dispatched to them.
Both of these packages include hardwired GPS tracking devices at no cost. For each license you get one free device with unlimited data plan.
For starter and base packages, we do not have a contract. For Essential and plus package, there is a three years term.
Yes. We can create customize a package based on your needs.
The app version, called ServiceTrackMobile, is designed for field workers to get information about jobs, clock in/out, update pictures, or mark tasks as complete. The web version (OneTrack) is designed for the office, but it can also be used on a tablets.
Yes. GPS tracking can be purchase standalone or it is bundled with our essential and plus package
Yes. We offer both powered and non-powered asset tracking devices.
No. You will have free access to the mapping feature of the app.
Yes. Feel free to call us at (612) 746-4017 or send us an email at sales@industrack.com