HVAC & Plumbing

Communication between the office and field. CHALLENGES:
•Time wasted on the phone communication
•Illegible, incomplete paperwork
•Repetitive busy work with dual or triple data entry

Scheduling - Dispatching - Time Tracking - Forms - Invoicing/Payroll

Create/Dispatch a Schedule

• Build a schedule with a single click
• Create unassigned job buckets
• Bulk schedule, copy and move
• View schedule by groups and departments
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Receive Schedule on Device

• Start a job
• Automatically track job time in the job sheet and employee time sheet
• Single click to navigate the job
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Complete Task in Field

• View tasks and add notes
• Open and complete forms
• Add pictures and other documents
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• Forms are easily fillable using any tablet or phone
• Forms can be updated by mobile worker and office staff
• Audit trail for form updates
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Add a Time Sheet

• Track time electronically with our mobile time sheet app
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Reports & Verification

• Single job report with task completed and job notes
• Time spent at job
• Invoicing labor costs, parts costs, and forms
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Invoicing & Integration

• Instantly send invoices to customers
• Integrated price book
• Synchronized customer database
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“We had used a large GPS provider for several years and found the service and support lacking. IndusTrack offers a great product coupled with the flexibility, responsiveness, and customer support that we were looking for.”

Joe Carlin, Transportation Manager at Lubrication Technologies Inc.

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